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I love a good Caesar salad and because it’s my salad of choice at most restuarants, I have become quite the fussy one. I spent the whole day dreaming about my perfect Caesar salad and before I knew it, I was at the shop buying my essential ingredients and back home in my kitchen preparing this heavenly salad. This one is really generous, I don’t hold back on the crispy streaky bacon! But if you are worried about the calories, just see how I do the bacon and croutons, you will be rather pleased. As for the dressing, I’ve reduced the oil in that too! But believe me, the flavours are just as( I would say even more) intense! And let’s not forget about the sweet and juicy rosa tomatoes, soft boiled egg, tender chicken and crispy cos lettuce. Sound good to you?



You will need:


Serves 2


2 chicken breasts, roasted or poached and shredded

2 eggs, boiled for 4-5 minutes, peeled and quartered

+- 12 rashers of streaky bacon

olive oil

2 slices of best of both white bread, crusts removed and but into batons

salt and pepper

125 g baby rosa tomatoes, halved

1 cos lettuce, washed well and broken into leaves

a few shavings of parmesan( as little or as much as you like!)



1 tin of anchovies(I used the ones that are rolled with a caper), finely chopped, reserving the oil for the dressing

6 capers, chopped(if you have plain anchovies)

juice of 1 lemon

30 ml extra virgin olive oil

50 ml plain yoghurt

2 cloves crushed garlic

ground pepper


Start by making the dressing to allow the flavours to develop, while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Mix all the dressing ingrdients together until well combined, cover and refridgerate.



For the bacon: Put your grill element on in your oven and adjust the shelf to the highest level.

Place the rashers onto a drip rack and grill under the elements until slighlty crispy on the one side, then turn them over and grill until dark and crispy. Dab with paper towel, cool and chop up. This is the best way to get ’em nice, crispy and non greasy!


For the croutons: Add +- 45 ml olive oil to a non stick pan, when hot add the bread and brown bothe sides until golden and crispy. Season with salt and pepper.


To assemble: Place a the cos into a large bowl, followed by the chicken, bacon bits, tomatoes, croutons, eggs and parmesan shavings. Drizzle with the dressing or serve on the side. I love drowning the salad in the dressing when ready to eat, because the bread and cos absorbs and holds the dressing so lovingly!


Deeply satisfying and oh so delicious!






Have a great week everyone! C x




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22 Responses

  1. Juno62

    You are right, this is the most heavenly of salads. I’m also very picky about Caesar salads! Your versio is lovely, and I’m inspired to make this for supper tomorrow.

  2. ninatimm

    If My Ceaser salads looked anything like this one, I would NEVER order it in a restaurant. Yikes, I am hungry at 5 in the morning!!

  3. pinkpolkadot

    This sounds perfect – Your pics are beautiful!!! Wish I had a plate of that salad in front of me right now!


    thanks! I must say I was really pleased with this meal! You don’t feel ill like you normally would after a rich restuarant caesar! It hits all the right notes! xx


    Wow, you wake up early?? after eating this, I highly doubt you will order it again, sorry! hee hee xx

  6. bigbigjoe

    Carey, it looks fabulous and it’s something I’ll definately try. But strictly speaking you can’t call this a caesar salad without doing Caeasar Cardini a great injustice.


    Thanks Big joe, I agree, I must be doing him a great injustice on my interpretation of a perfect caesar salad! But I don’t feel bad, it’s worth it!

  8. bigbigjoe

    My favorite version remains Pete Goffe-Wood’s recipe in his “Kitchen Cowboys” Try it once, and you’ll be hooked- if you want the recipe let me know…


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