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Recipe development:

  • features (online, print or film)
  • advertorials for products or food related brands
  • cookbooks
  • product packaging and labels
  • menus
  • cookery classes, demos or events

Food styling and optional food photography:

  • features
  • advertorials
  • film
  • cookbooks
  • catalogues
  • menus
  • product packaging

Note: For photography: At the moment I use a Canon 70D with a 60 mm macro lens with natural light (see gallery).

Content writing:

  • advertorials
  • food related features
  • social media

Menu development:

  • menu consulting for concept development, revamps or events
  • supplier sourcing
  • standardisation
  • costing
  • staff training

Food blogging/social media:

  • recipes and features for products and events I choose to endorse on my blog

Cookery demonstrations:

  • events
  • promote food products or kitchen gadgets


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