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Happy New year to you all! Well it’s the start of a brand new year with so many exciting possibilities and things to look forward to. I tell this to myself every morning when I have to crawl out of bed away from hubby and my other man, Charlie – the siamese prince. What a wonderful breakaway it has been…batteries are recharged and I’m ready to go go go!

The first thing that comes to mind for this year is a healthier version of a classic breakfast I prepared during the hols. We had fry ups practically every morning, so this was a welcomed relief! So easy and delicious!

For your New year brekkie, you will need:

Turkey rashers – they are smoked and look just like back bacon! So lean, you will need a little oil to fry these. I enjoy them, they are tasty and it’s a nice change from bacon. I got these rashers at Spar.

Soft poached eggs – bring a pot of water to the boil and add a tablespoon of vinegar – no salt. Make a whirlpool in the water and break an fresh egg into the centre, guiding with a spoon gently. Boil for 3 minutes.

Ripe tomatoes – halved and lightly fried in the same pan as the rashers. Season with salt, pepper and dried mixed herbs.

Chicken liver pate – so delicious – eaten in moderation of course! Easier than frying up some chicken livers too!

Smooth cottage cheese – a tasty alternative to butter

Grated mature cheddar – sorry, can’t do without that!

Sour dough ciabatta – toasted

Onion marmalade – not on the pic, but it is vital! Woolies has a good one, or make your own.

Ok, I’m hungry now! First a sarmie, then off to read some of your yummy blogs that I’ve missed so much!

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11 Responses

  1. Zabwan

    I wish that was my lunch! Love the way you do poached eggs – I have to try that some time. And I do my fried tomatoes just the same!!

  2. sharonsmit

    Looks ‘fantasmagories’… I wish someone would make me a fried breakfast every morning!!

  3. slicesofkiwi

    ooooh yum! happy 2011 to u carey I am looking forward to all your gorgeous recipes 🙂 xo

  4. janicetripepi

    Oooh yummy – AND it’s a lean breako’s …. Doughboy MUST look at this one!! Have an awesome day hun xxxx jan

  5. tandy.sinclair

    Two December’s ago we did fry ups for 3 weeks, hot dogs for lunch and 2kgs later … This year we did the healthy option. Wishing you a stunning 2011!


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