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My body is so happy that the cold weather is starting to thaw out into warmer days. Lighter meals and less snacking is in store for myself and many other people in SA. It gets easier to get out of bed in the morning and the days feel a bit longer (so you don’t end up in your PJ’s first thing when getting home!). And of course you feel more motivated to get on the cross trainer at gym and work off some of that winter bulge! I love winter and all the comforts it has to offer, but I am ecstatic that summer is on it’s way – it’s time for light, fresh and flavourful food!

On those cold days, we would be more inclined to make a soup or a buttery pate out of smoked snoek…a good example of lighter alternative is smoked snoek and mayo stacked with melba toast. I had this for lunch the other day and it was a pleasure to eat!

It’s also a nice change from using tinned tuna.

You will need:

250 g smoked snoek, removed from the bone and shredded

125 ml light mayo

3 spring onions, sliced

a squeeze of lemon

salt and pepper

Mix all the above together.

Stack with Melba toast from Pick n Pay or Woolies

Garnish with wild rocket and mini Italian tomatoes

I say this to myself every year, but I am really going to try and eat my 5 a day, eat more legumes, eat fish twice a week, snack a little less and exercise! I said I’m going to TRY!

Weekend was great! It was my bro’s 30th and I made him a rich chocolate mousse cake with a choc mint ganache(and would you believe I didn’t even take a photo!!), Saturday – cooked for friends at our place and Sunday we had a fish braai, all of which will be posted in my blog in due time!

HAve a good week all!


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  1. tandy.sinclair

    I love snoek! Thanks for following me on twitter – if you need any guidance shout – it has been a great learning experience 🙂

  2. sharonsmit

    This looks so divine!! Thanks for the fab ideas!!
    (PS: made your beer bread – it was divine, will blog about it hopefully by tomorrow or so!)
    Good luck with the 5-a-day! 🙂 x


    Thanks Tandy, I might just ask soon, finding it very confusing to be honest! Glad I managed to become a fan of your though! 🙂 xx


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