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On friday, we got home from work, only to find that Thelma, our domestic assistant, rearranged our bedroom! First of all I don’t know how she did it – being so tiny and all, and secondly, I don’t know where she found the time?! I mean, she comes once a week, which means she has loads of washing, ironing and cleaning to do! She always does little things like this, she’s also a perfectionist of note, she does not like things to be off centre, the couch needs to be exactly in line with the tv, the glasses need to be perfectly alligned and so on… So we love it when Thelma comes and does her magic every week! Saturday’s are complete bliss for us, no cleaning, spotless house and to top it off, the way she rearranged the bed to face the patio door is very feng shui “ek se”, I don’t know why we didn’t think of that in the first place? So we woke up rested and it felt like we were in a holiday home. Weird, I know, but change really is as good as a holiday! This just illustrates how life just goes on and we don’t notice things around us, then a simple change is made that makes all the difference in your everyday life! Thanks Thelma, we love you! If I could afford it, I’d have you everyday!! 🙂

Back to food…

We wanted something quick, light and substantial for brekkie on Saturday morning and this is what I made…

 Gorgeous grilled CHEESE toasts!

Toast slices of seed bread, top each slice with a small handful of grated mature cheddar and 2 -3 slices of ripe tomato, cover with some grated mozzarella and pop under the grill until golden, gooey and melty! Top with a dollop of cream cheese and season with freshly ground salt and pepper.

Try replacing the cheddar with gruyere…nom nom nom!

P.s Due to the rainy weather, we did not “toboggin” – I don’t know if I was relieved or disappointed! ha ha!

Anyhoo, here’s to another week!

C xx

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7 Responses

  1. Zabwan

    As always, your photos look edible, Carey! I think you could make a bowl of dog food look appetising, lol

    Your Thelma sounds amazing, though if my Anah were to rearrange my furniture I would freak – that’s MY hobby!!

    Have a great week!


    Ha ha, thanks. Initially, I was a bit freaked, but then realised we like the change! he he, you have a good week too x

  3. sharonsmit

    I dont know who’s more lucky, you to have Thelma or Thelma to have you!? The toastie looks divine!! 🙂

  4. leaineskitchen

    Perfection in simplicity 🙂 It’s so hard to find good help these days – so it’s really great that you appreciate what you’ve got – hee hee 🙂


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