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This is a meal-in-one potato bake, perfect for Meatless Monday. This potato bake does not need thinly sliced potatoes nor does it bake for hours in the oven. As usual, I take short cuts by boiling the potatoes with the skins on and slice about a cm thick( I like the flavour of potato skins and by keeping the skins on your tatoes, you are  increasing your fibre intake), layer them alternatively with a chunky leek and mushroom sauce in a large baking dish and top with lots of grated cheese (I use a mixture of cheddar, parmesan and gruyere). Then just bake in the oven for +- 25 minutes max until the top is golden and bubbling – I love how the sauce just oozes down the sides of the dish!

Potato Leek and Mushroom bake

Serve 4 – 6

You will need:

6 medium potatoes, boiled in salted water until tender(do not over cook)

Leek and mushroom sauce:

50 g butter

a bunch of leeks, washed and sliced

3 cloves garlic, crushed

250 g brown mushrooms, sliced

1 sprig fresh rosemary, finely chopped

50 ml cake flour

500 ml milk(more decadent? half cream and half milk)

Salt and pepper to taste

Cheese topping:

250 ml(1 cup) grated cheese combination

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celius.

Heat the butter and saute the leeks and garlic until softened. Add the mushrooms and rosemary and fry until browned and fragrant.

Remove from the heat and coat the vegetables with the flour. Place back onto moderate heat and slowly add the milk until well combined, cook until thickened. Season well.

Slice the potatoes and place a layer into a baking dish, season well and pour half of the sauce onto the potatoes, cover with another layer of seasoned potatoes followed by the remaining sauce. Top with the cheese.

Bake for +- 25 minutes.

Eat as a meatless meal or serve as a warm accompaniment with your braai or roast dinner.

Have a super week all!

C xx

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  1. pinkpolkadot

    O my goodness, Carey – this looks delicious!! I think it will also be great if one adds some sliced chorizo or bacon to it!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Sous-Chef

    That does look good, sadly the Sous family have been a bit slack about Meatless Monday lately.

  3. mitzireddy

    looks delicious – will try it – seems to have an increasing number of non carnivores as friends. Thanks

  4. janicetripepi

    Yumm yummm – bubbling mushroom cheese yum! xxx have a great day carey xxxx jan

  5. Collywolly

    Beautiful dish Carey. YUMMY goodness there. I also like to leave the skins on my taties….hugs xx


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