Prep Time: 5 minutes + 1 hour resting
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serves: Makes + - 10
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crepes with passionfruit curd and raspberriesThese crepes are light, thin and positively flop proof!  I served them recently with Fairview’s Passionfruit Lemon Curd and fresh raspberries. Ermergerd, sooo good( a slight addiction may be happening here)! There is no sugar in the mixture so they are lovely with savoury fillings too. Roasted vegetables with creamy blue cheese sauce, creamed mushrooms, savoury mince, creamed spinach and feta – the list goes on. Try a smoked salmon and zesty cream cheese stack with these crepes – always a showstopper.  More sweet ideas?  Nutella and chopped toasted hazelnuts, grilled banana with salted caramel sauce, lemon curd and blueberries…*sigh!*

I often do crepes for a midweek dinner or a lazy Sunday supper. Everybody loves choice, so why not prepare an array of savoury and sweet options? Makes for a fun meal, yes? Enjoy!

crepes, lemon curd and raspberriesPerfect Crepes

What you’ll need:

20 cm non-stick or heavy based frying pan
cooking oil and a pastry brush
greaseproof paper

250 ml cake flour
1/2 t (2.5 ml) salt
+- 200 ml milk
2 large eggs
50 ml melted butter or vegetable oil
+- 100 ml cold water

Sift dry ingredients together into a medium mixing bowl.
Whisk the eggs, milk, melted butter/oil and water to make a thin batter. Leave to stand for at 40 minutes – 1 hour.
Lightly oil the pan with the pastry brush and heat.
Pour +- 50 ml of batter into the pan and swirl around to create a thin pancake. Make sure the heat is moderate. When bubbles start to appear on the surface, flip the pancake over and fry until lightly golden on both sides.
Place onto a heated plate and continue. Place a piece of greaseproof paper in-between each pancake as you go along.
These crepes are delish at room temperature or hot. To heat up, Microwave for a few seconds or wrap in foil and place in a 180 degrees celsius oven for 10 minutes.

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