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Just recently, I had my first successful attempt at poaching an egg in boiling water. I don’t know why it took me so long to try it again, I suppose I was afraid I would have a repeat of disintergrated eggs and heart palpitations! The other day, I realised the last time I did it, I added salt to the water(which apparently breaks down the egg) and I didn’t use enough acid. So now I know for sure that you DO NOT add salt and you add 3 table spoons of vinegar per litre of water. So this weekend, with my new found egg poaching confidence, I decided to make healthy Bacon and Egg Sarmies, and might I just say, I will never go back to a fried egg again!

I started off laying some back bacon onto a baking tray and popped that under the grill, turned once.

So I prepared the boiling water as explained above, made a little whirl pool, then plopped the eggs one by one into the centre and left it there to cook for about a minute and a half(I like the yolk runny!). Not more than two eggs if it is a small pot, you don’t want to lower the temperature of the water, also you don’t want one giant poached egg!

I placed the grilled bacon on toasted Low GI bread and topped with the gorgeous beauties and covered it all with slices of cheddar cheese. Don’t forget the freshly milled pepper and Maldon salt!

Pop under the grill to melt the cheese a bit

And look at that! Serve with some fresh peppery rocket and mini rosa tomatoes.

Now cut into the yolk! ooooooh…..sumptuous, absolutely sumptuous! Serve with freshly squeezed O.J.

Have a good week all!

C xx

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  1. anotherdayinparadise

    Oooh Yum! Those pics are good enough to eat Carey. I’m also afraid of poaching eggs in water. I have a microwave egg poacher, but it’s not really the same as REAL poached eggs.

  2. sharonsmit

    Im am sorry – you are not allowed to temp us with this… *think I’m gonna cry now in a corner* lol
    I love this!!


    Bahahahaha! So sorry, don’t cry! make it tonight! I feel like one now too! x


    I used to use a stove top egg poacher, but after this, I can’t go back! My fear is over…try it. it’s not as hard as it looks! x

  5. Zabwan

    Wow – stunning photos, and you have absolutely inspired me to try apoached egg! Thanks for the tips. These look delicious……

  6. sharonsmit

    I alrady have spag-bol lines up for tonight… *snik* Will have to try this perhaps tomorrow night!!

  7. senor-neek

    It’s not a sarmie if there’s only ONE PIECE OF BREAD. This is a piece of bread with an egg on it. Sandwich = 2 pieces of bread, geddit?


    Senor Neek, thanks for the definition of a sarmie and you are quite right. However, this is MY version of a sarmie, less carbs, more protein and it just looks more attractive! Feel free to add another slice to make it a “real” sandwich. Try an open sarmie sometime 🙂


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