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In the past I loved Eton mess for the times when I had broken or “not so lekka” meringues in the house. Now I often bake meringue, only to break it up so I can prepare this sumptuous delight. It is so light, the perfect dessert to have after a big meal. Layers of crunchy and sticky meringue bits, subtly sweet strawberry cream and slightly tart fresh strawberries. YUM! Eton mess oozes “summer pud!”

For the meringue:

4 egg whites (+- 160 g of egg whites)

200 ml castor sugar

15 ml hot water

5 ml vinegar

Preheat the oven to 140 degrees

Add all the above ingredients into a large clean(metal or glass) bowl and beat with a hand blender or kenwood mixer on high for 5 minutes. Will be thick, glossy and have soft peaks.

Dollop the meringue in the centre of a baking tray lined with baking paper and sprinkled with cornflour.

Spread it out to form a pavlova.

Bake for 1 1/2 hours and allow to cool.

Or bake small meringues for about a hour.

Perfect for pavlovas, mini meringues and of course eton mess!

For the strawberry cream:

250 g strawberries

2 heaped tablespoons of sugar

seeds of one vanilla pod or 5 ml vanilla essence

1 tub of cream

Place half the berries in a pot with the sugar and vanilla, cover and simmer gently for +- 20 minutes or until soft and mushy. Allow to cool.

Beat the cream until it forms firm soft peaks. Fold the strawberry mush into the cream and chill until ready to use.

Cut the other half of the berries in quarters and break up the meringue in bite size pieces.

Layer some meringue bits, cream and berries in a large bowl and serve immediately.


Freeze your left over egg whites and thaw them out overnight.

Buy meringues at a good bakery or deli(not those corn floury ones you find in most retail stores) if you don’t have time to make them yourself.

Try using half whipped cream and half greek style yoghurt sweetened with a bit of honey if you are not in the mood to cook the berries. Or use just use plain greek style yoghurt or whipped cream.

Add some chopped nuts in between the layers.

Do the exact recipe with fresh or frozen berries.

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