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We take the humble potato for granted and only really have it as an accompaniment. It’s in our stews, the chip to our burgers, the mash to our bangers and the hash to our brekkies. What would we do without tatoes?  I have fond and comforting memories of potatoes mostly in the form of mash. “Mom’s mash” with boerewors and chunky tomato sauce(“smoor”), my late gran’s forte -“wallpaper mash”(sticky and lumpy, it would stick to the plate, no joke! but I loved it) and my “recovery mash” J prepared so lovingly most nights because my stomach couldn’t handle anything else after chemotherapy. I love mash, therefore I love potatoes!

What if the potato was the star of the show for a change? What if I made a big cheesy potato patty and served it with a fresh and light salad complimenting it’s subtle flavours? Here’s what I did…

Cheesy potato and pea patties

makes 4 beeeg patties


You will need:

4 potatoes – peeled, cubed and boiled until soft

1 cup of peas

1 cup grated cheese of your choice( I used mature cheddar and smoked cheese – yum)

1 egg, beaten

salt and pepper

A bit of well seasoned cake or corn flour for dusting

Knob of butter

30 ml olive oil

Drain the boiled potatoes, add the peas, cheese and egg. Use a masher to break down the lumps until the mixture clumps together nicely. Season well.

With floured hands, form into 4 patties and lightly coat with some more flour. Allow to rest for 15 minutes in the fridge.

Heat the oil and butter until it bubbles, add the patties. Fry over moderate heat for +- 6 minutes a side. Should be crispy on the outside and soft in the centre.

Serve with smoke roasted salmon and apple salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Smoke roasted salmon and apple salad

125 g smoke roasted salmon, broken into pieces

1 grannysmith apple, thinly sliced(core and all) then halved

small packet of mixed salad greens

olive oil

lemon juice

Toss all the ingredients together!


I love the combination of the creamy, cheesy slightly smokey potato patties with crispy fresh greens, sweet and tart apple and salty smoked salmon.


9 on the yummo scale!

C x

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17 Responses

  1. adrigeyser5

    Wow this looks amazing! I will definately try this! I love potatoes – actually had mash (and bangers – *embarrased*) for supper and had more mash than bangers!!! So I can kinda call it the star of my plate? 🙂

  2. Zabwan

    no need to be embarressed about having bangers and mash for supper – that’s a classic meal 🙂

  3. Flee

    Num Num … Adri, I often have A (1 single) Banger with my plate of mash.. Just so that I dont get k*ked on for eating a plate of potato hahahahah… Would be a stunning patti for a vegi burger….

  4. janicetripepi

    Ooh Carey – i could slaughter a plate of these babies right now … what an awesome idea xxx have a good evening xxx jan

  5. carlette

    Oh…my….sack (if I had one)

    This looks UBER divine! Ill save it for a weekend treat! 🙂


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