Prep Time: 15 minutes plus cooling and chilling time
Cooking Time: 30-40 minutes
Serves: 6-8
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m_banoffee trifle has become a tradition (and an order from my ouma) for my husband to make his mom’s version of traditional trifle every Christmas eve. You know… instant custard, red and green jelly layered with sherry soaked sponge with lots of nuts, cherries, tinned fruit and cream? There is something so comforting about the trifle we all grew up with. To me, a trifle without something boozy laced into it is a lost opportunity. Be it sherry, kirsch, Frangelico, Amaretto and even caramel vodka, yes, vodka! I love a trifle that leaves your head spinning a little after a generous bowl.

So this year, I thought I’d pay homage to my love for caramel, bananas and all things banoffee. Why not a Banoffee trifle? Caramel Swiss roll (from Woolies of course), drizzled with caramel vodka and layered with sliced bananas, my cheat’s salted caramel sauce, toasted hazelnuts, grated dark chocolate and whipped cream. It is everything you want in a trifle and more. A boozy banoffee trifle, yes please!

This is my last post for the year! Thank you for reading my stuff and supporting my food journey. It’s been a wonderful year. I learnt so much and I’m immensely grateful to be working and collaborating with awesome creative people and clients I’ve met along the way. All I can say for now is, watch this space. Next year is going to be a cracker! Wishing you a blessed and happy festive season. Carey x

m_banoffee trifle www, Banoffee Trifle

Salted Caramel Sauce
2 x tins condensed milk
50 ml golden syrup
50 g butter
125 ml cream
5 ml coarse salt

1 x ready-made caramel Swiss roll, thinly sliced into 15 pieces
60 – 80 ml caramel vodka or Frangelico
6- 8 firm bananas, thickly sliced
+- 30 ml lemon juice
100 g hazelnuts, toasted in a dry pan
50 g dark chocolate, coarsely grated
375 ml cream, whipped to firm (stiff) peaks – don’t over whip though

Start with the caramel sauce: Add the butter and golden syrup to a medium heavy based pot and allow to melt together over moderate heat. Add the condensed milk and stir until well combined. Reduce the heat to a low temperature and bring the mixture to a gentle simmer until it reduces to a viscous caramel – this shouldn’t take longer than 30-40 minutes. Stir with a wooden spoon ever so often to prevent possible catching. Now add the cream and heat through for +- 5 minutes, whisking all the while making sure it has incorporated into the caramel. Remove from the heat and add the salt. Allow to cool to room temperature before layering the trifle.
Place the sliced bananas in a container and combine with lemon juice, this will prevent enzymatic oxidation (browning) and will also add a pleasant tartness to the trifle.
Arrange 5 slices of Swiss roll on the base of a 20 cm trifle dish. Drizzle with a third of the caramel vodka.
Top with half of the sliced bananas and some hazelnuts and grated chocolate.
Now drizzle a third of the salted caramel and repeat the process one more time.
End off with a layer of Swiss roll slices drizzled with vodka and caramel.
Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with remaining nuts, chocolate and one last drizzle of caramel.
For best results, chill for 30 minutes to an hour before serving.

Salted Caramel trifle

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