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food lover's market bakery
I teamed up with Food Lover’s Market for a #foodloversfresh campaign. The idea behind it is to share what departments and ingredients inspire me the most AND I’m also giving away a R500 Food Lover’s Market gift voucher.

I’m sure we are all in agreement when I say the bakery is the most tempting section at Food Lover’s Market. It’s absolute self-inflicted torture walking past all the deliciousness. Their artisanal breads are simply gorgeous served with a variety of cheese that you’ll find at the impressive cheese department.

food lovers market
I have to say the butchery team are always so helpful and friendly whenever I visit the Sunningdale branch. I can spend a good 30 minutes just staring at all the fresh cuts of meat available in the long glass meat counter. I spotted dry aged ”biltong” sirloin, I simply had to get a few thick cut steaks.

We know Food Lover’s Market have great olive oil on tap but did you know they do honey on tap too? And at such a good price! Choose from eucalyptus, fynbos or other varietals.

So I came home with a box of all sorts of ingredients. Enough for 3 dishes, actually. I got a bit over excited.

Below are 3 images showcasing the core ingredients for each dish.
They were chosen based on the terms; SIMPLICITY, PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN and CLASSIC.


SIMPLICITY: Fynbos honey, camembert, fresh thyme and seedless grapes.

PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN: ‘Biltong’ sirloin steaks, butternut, waterblommetjies – and some blue cheese to shake things up.

CLASSIC:  Classic ingredients that sing when put together.
Chicken leg quarters, duck fat, lemon, baby fennel, fresh bay leaves, thyme.

Keep an eye out as I share 3 recipes using these core ingredients over the next few weeks.

Remember the competition I mentioned? 
Stand a chance to win a R500 Food Lover’s Market gift voucher.

What you need to do:
Comment on this blog post – ”Which of the 3 ingredient combinations make your foodie heart flutter? SIMPLICITY, PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN or CLASSIC and why?
Food Lover’s Market’s facebook page
Share this post on facebook and include the hashtag #foodloversfresh

Competition closes:
Wednesday 28th September 2016. Winner to be announced Thursday 29th September 2016.

The R500 voucher cannot be traded for cash.
The competitions is open to all South Africans, nationally.
Winner will be notified via email.

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77 Responses

  1. Nicolette Samuels

    Camembert, any veggie, chicken. Food Lovers really make a person’s life simple, and all their goodies is fresh, I love shopping at Food Lovers Market

  2. Carolyn Augustus

    Proudly South African cause South African cuisine is unique, a taste that cannot be mimicked

  3. Meghan Steele

    Simplicity. I love simple dishes and anything with cheese and honey is a winner for me and so yummy!!

  4. Anisha Singh


    What could be more tantalizing than chicken married with fennel, lemon, thyme,bay leaf and love? This would be a staple in any domestic goddesses kitchen & the taste would be sublime.. Love this! Classic Never goes out of fashion!

  5. Talitha

    ‘Biltong’ sirloin steaks, butternut, waterblommetjies – and some blue cheese to shake things up.

    Most South Africans (Including myself 🙂 ) looooove biltong, red meats and their veggies and blue cheese (paired with a good red wine)…whether its eaten individually or a reason to make a fire and have a potjie…I can imagine the meal I will prepare with this…In addition, what more could I ask for, when i have fresh ingredients from Food Lover’s Market ?

  6. Phillip Boshoff

    Simplicity. My wife and I often enjoy a delicious cheese and wine tasting after putting our kids to bed. Special quality time without leaving the house! Simplicity ☺

  7. Stephan Nell

    Proudly South African because i am a born and bred South African that has held my roots close to my heart and not left with my tail between my legs when things got a bit rough. We all know that South African products are produced with love and are of a brilliant quality that is why I only use Proudly South African ingredients.

  8. Cedric

    It had to be Proudly South African. For me a prime rib steak marinated for a day or two is the best.

  9. Adele

    PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN – you had me at biltong… haha, just kidding, think it appeals to me because its probably something we like eating, a yummy steak with some veg! Yum

  10. Heather

    ‘Biltong’ sirloin steaks, butternut, waterblommetjies – and some blue cheese to shake things up.

  11. Martin

    CLASSIC: Classic ingredients that sing when put together.
    Chicken leg quarters, duck fat, lemon, baby fennel, fresh bay leaves, thyme. #foodloversfresh

  12. Martin

    CLASSIC: Classic ingredients that sing when put together.
    Chicken leg quarters, duck fat, lemon, baby fennel, fresh bay leaves, thyme.

  13. Nicola Meyer

    Definitely the PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN. What could be better than a delicious well prepared steak?!

  14. Nicolette Nunes

    Simplicity is my favourite because the combination even though simple is pure decadence

  15. Caryn Step

    Ooh, the Proudly South African sparks my interest. Dying to see what you do with the Biltong Sirlion Steaks.

  16. Anusha Naidoo

    Chicken is a versatile product which can be prepared in many ways , love lemon herbed flavored grilled chicken and more….

  17. Renuka Lallbahadur

    Going with classic. You got my vote when I saw duck fat. Besides chicken can be cooked in various ways and methods. Tried, tested, love

  18. Depashni marie

    Classic: chicken is my favourite protein. There is so many versatile dishes I can cook up from the humble roast chicken to exotic chicken breyani.

  19. wendy meijer

    SIMPLICITY: Fynbos honey, camembert, fresh thyme and seedless grapes….some of my favourite foods that can be enjoyed together! Absolutely love anything Fynbos!

  20. Hayley Finnegan

    SIMPLICITY: Fynbos honey, camembert, fresh thyme and seedless grapes. YUM YUM YUM especially when paired with a fresh Chenin Blanc 🙂

  21. Sophia

    I adore the Proudly South African milieu of ingredients, especially the Waterblommetjies. It evokes such heartwarming memories of cooking with my grandmother in ny grandparents’ quaint kitchen when I was but stove height.

  22. Zimonita

    PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN: Because of those steaks (quite unique, I have never had “biltong sirloin”) and seeing that “waterblommetjies” especially made my heart flutter…the last time I had waterblommetjies was when my late grandmother made them.

  23. Johannes botha

    Proudly south African. .biltong sirloin steak.. always a winner in any “boerseun’s” menu.. and waterblommetjies takes me back to my childhood with Bredies 🙂

    • markgavin Sylvester's

      Classic…….its simple & convenient…..the fresh vegetables…..the chicken …..the sweetness is my weakness

  24. Verna Appollis

    Simplicity – nature at its best – pure, honest food. Nothing to add nothing to take away…

  25. Saneeya Adams

    They all sound super-yummy and the pics are tantalising! Personally, I’d go for Simplicity but would probably choose Classic as this is something that would appeal to all members of my family. My 14-year old son can’t stomach butternut, so I’d give Proudly SA a miss.

  26. Nonceba Lushaba

    I would go with Proudly South African. The blue cheese would send it over the edge! I would try to pair this meal with a solid Mzansi red wine (too many possibles there!) and add a G&T dessert like a tart or cake from local fynbos gin and fynbos honey; keep it all local!

  27. Anais du Toit

    Simplicity! Maybe it’s my distant French heritage but I’m a sucker for some cheese! Especially the fairview kind. Paired with a bit of sweetness and fruit makes for the perfect weekend lunch. Delicious!

  28. Judith Roberts

    Definitely Proudly South African! Such yummy and wholesome dishes can be made from these amazing ingredients! Definitely the best in my opinion! 🙂

  29. Natasha

    THE PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN:) because that is exactly what I am a PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN. There is no replacement for traditional food or snacks 🙂 biltong FTW!

  30. Laura

    Less is more and that is also true in the kitchen sometimes! So I’ll go with the Simplicity, always a crowd pleaser as well! I love to make a cheese platter with cheese and fruits and crackers and everyone loves it! I love you guys, Food Lovers Market for life!

  31. Jade Lawrence

    The Proudly South African! Such great flavour combinations and will be the perfect dish for the change of season!

  32. Shaheeda loofer

    Simplicity makes my heart flutter as they work well on their own and is amazing paired with other ingredients

  33. Elize Botha

    Very difficult choice. But I am going to go with Proudly South African as I feel with these ingredients I will come up with something very interesting and tasty.

  34. Portia

    The PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN! It combines all of the things we love. No one can resist a well prepared steak and absolutely nothing compared to biltong!

  35. Lynn botha

    most definitely without a doubt the proudly south african one.. I mean.. who didn’t grow up on biltong and butternut?? 2 of my favourite things..

  36. Alex

    Classic! Because there’s nothing better than homemade food by my mother! As well as with every classic recipe you can except what it’s going to taste like even if there’s a slight twist to it!

  37. Losh Don Kisten

    SIMPLICITY: Fynbos honey, camembert, fresh thyme and seedless grapes # oh golly they jus so yummy # simplicity is ultimate sophistication # love # sharing on social media # followed above steps # simply divine

  38. Sonja

    I like the Classic option. I can see a great meal coming together with the ingredients that would be enjoyed by my family.

  39. Lita Hartman

    ‘Biltong’ sirloin steaks, butternut, waterblommetjies – and some blue cheese. Biltong is truly South African, butternut bring memories of another South African favourite pumpkin fritters; waterblommetjies is from the Boland. I see a picture of cattle in a meadow with a mountain in the distance. And I see the influence of the French Huguenots in the blue cheese. A winning combination on a plate

  40. Marindi Fourie

    I love simplicity! My favourite cheese is camembeRt add honey and those deliciously juicy grapes and you have a winning combination!!

  41. Jacki Sands

    I can’t decide between simplicity and classic. I love me some camembert and honey with lovely, sweet fresh crunchy fruit – those grapes certainly look perfect. Adding thyme sounds interesting and I’m dying to try it! But what beats the aromas of chicken and thyme? The tuck day will add depth…. Ooooooh yum! I’m off to gather up these ingredients!

  42. Ronel Bester

    Simplicity. I’ve never thought about roasting grapes and would love to try that. Usually just use grapes to turn it into wine 😉

  43. Natalie Siders

    Love the Simplicity. Cheese, honey and grapes… a perfect combination. Makes me think of summer al fresco dining.

  44. Tania

    Simplicity – I love the simple plain flavours and products. Natural sweet honey with beautiful creamy camembert and grapes. Delicious. #foodloversfresh

  45. Rumbarani Naidoo

    PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN as I love South African cuisine and like South Africanisms, reflects the cultural diversity of the “rainbow nation”.


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