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Bits of Carey and AMC CookwareBig pots like this 24 cm Gigant from AMC Cookware make my foodie heart happy. With a capacity of up to 9 Litres, it makes the preparation of bulk stocks, soups, stews, jams or chutneys an absolute pleasure. The perfect pot for avid cooks!

Moroccan Butternut SoupAMC Cookware Giveaway!
Foodies, you are going to love this one! We’re giving away one AMC Cookware 24 cm Gourmet ”Gigant” pot [worth R3799 ]!

To enter:
Subscribe to my blog (so I can get hold of you if you are the winner)
Answer in the comment section of this blog post, ”what’s the first thing you would cook in this pot and why?”
Share this competition blog post on Facebook and tag Bits of Carey and AMC Cookware Facebook pages.

Our favourite qualifying answer will be chosen by the AMC Cookware marketing team and myself.
Competition closes Monday 12th September 2016. Winner to be announced Tuesday 13th September.
Participants must reside in South Africa for delivery purposes.

Good Luck!



125 Responses

  1. Johannes Moolman

    Very nice pot… I guess I would like to make a lekker “boontjie sop” like my ma use to make… subscribed and shared! lekker man

    • michelle

      what better than chicken cooked for a home cooked chicken and mushroom pie and invite the family

  2. Sheena

    Definitely ox-tail stew. It’s one of my husband’s favourites but never attempted it as I wasn’t confident taking this dish on without using the best quality pot in fear that using just any pot just wouldn’t do the stew justice. It has been my dream to own an AMC classic pot as I love cooking in large quantities. Previously I messed up a large pot of food badly due to the pots capacity. This pot looks amazing!!!! It will make my foodie heart ridiculously happy to own it. Oh I would love it so 🙂

  3. Penny

    My favourite lamb and red wine casserole! Sadly my oven is not working properly right now, so everything is cooked on the stovetop. This pot would be perfect!! A very close second would be my family’s favourite sweet potato soup 🙂

  4. Talitha ``

    My first meal I would cook, is definitely a OXTAIL potjie.
    Oxtail is a tough meat and I know that cooking it in an AMC pot will certainly reduce the cooking time and the texture of the the oxtail will be absolutely perfect!

  5. zuleigah

    I would make a nice pot of curry in it that’s one of the best pots u can get and to cook in and what I love of these pots is u can make anything in it won’t stick at all

  6. Whitney Knipe

    OOOOOOH first of all im trying to win the pot for my awesome baker mommy Mary-Ann 🙂 My mom bakes at home for an income she makes lots of delicious goodies and her absoluuuutely deeeelicious spicy malay koeksisters will be perfected with this AMMMMAZING pot, she will use this pot to cook up her sticky cinnamon and orange flavoured ( not tooo sweet) sugar syrup to coat her decadent koesisters in 🙂 Mommy makes huge batches at a time for church, private orders and family and friends, this pot will be awesome to cook up a lekker big batch 🙂

  7. Leigh-Anne B.

    The Gourmet Gigant Pot would be perfect for a layered Lamb Breyani – Straight from the stove top to the oven…Easy Peasy!

  8. Losh Don Kisten

    A delish mutton breyani that surely tantalise my friends taste buds # Its the perfect fit for my week end socials # I think I could be the “culinary chef” and whip up a decandent dish # I’m sure I can even impress the in laws ..;-)

  9. priya sewnath

    Id love to prepare a mutton breyani in the amc pot because whenever i make it there is never enough

  10. Dylan Jones

    I just love stews, but seem to have a problem making a lot of it as I only smaller pots. The Gigant is the perfect size to try a tasty Oxtail stew.

    Salivating just thinking about it, yum yum!

  11. Jolene

    what’s the first thing you would cook in this pot and why?

    I have known Carey for many years, my earliest memory of her is going to her house after school (Sub B, yes we are that old!) and Carey SQUEEZING herself into her moms pantry to get snacks.

    I have been blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy that shares Carey’s love of food, he literally eats everything!! and with that I intend to introduce him to every possible food I can.

    Glorious homemade stews, soups, bredies, etc … everything with all the goodness and wholesomeness of home cooking!

    Cooking is such a pleasure when its enjoyed and when you start a little eater on good food, you are sure to have the fantastic response!!

  12. Hilary

    If I win this fabulous 24cm Gigant AMC Cookware Pot the first thing that I will make is a double portion of Bits of Carey’s Fragrant Lamb Curry Recipe. You have to double the recipe because one batch is simply not enough you crave more. My husband renamed this Fragrant Lamb Curry to 18 Spice Lamb Curry. Carey is a master in layering flavors. The best lamb curry recipe I have every tasted

  13. Tanusta Jainarain

    I would cook my late dads favourite meal Chicken Vindaloo.This was his every sat night supper as he totally loved it and bragged about it to family.Chicken Vindaloo brought him alot of joy I rem fondly the smacking of his lips and the sound he made crunching the bones in enjoyment.I choose this because I love doing things in his memory .

  14. Vanessa Cousins

    I would make my all time favourite, tropical Mauritian chicken delight. Basically in a nutshell it is green mango braised with chicken and the rest is the chef’s secret delight but tastes lip-smacking good.

  15. Colleen Grove

    There is so much that I would love to cook in this awesome Gigant pot but my very first and probably many more times after will be a gigantic pot of delicious healing chicken bone broth. I started drinking bone broth on a regular basis about a year ago and 9 liters of bone broth sounds pretty darn good to me right now. It is so full of goodness and has assisted in changing my health around. Have subscribed and am sharing right now 🙂

  16. nadine williams

    Durban Mutton Curry with gravy soakers that would feed all the seconds and thirds and keep the haters (in-laws) quiet!!!!

  17. Angelique Gable

    I would make our favorite Chicken Vegetable soup. The pot I am currently using always ends up being to small!!!

  18. Maureen Marsberg

    Lawdy!!!!! What a gorgeous pot. The fist thing that I would be enjoying would be my sister Colleen’s wonderful bone broth. Why???? Because I would gift the pot to her and hope like crazy that she would be so grateful that I would be sharing her kitchen creations for the foreseeable future.

  19. Rhunede

    I’d make a lovely pot of chicken curry or butter chicken;a family favourite and this pot will enable us to Dig DEEP… so over enough for all!! Allowing for second and perhaps even a 3rd helping..

  20. Delicia Wells

    I love making jams and marmalade and always have to cook the fruit in four pots now if I win this pot all the fruit will fit in and no boiling over.

  21. Fadz

    Hmmmmm, as someone who loves to cook, choosing one particular dish is very tough. With this gem I can see myself cooking my signature Moroccan inspired butternut soup as well as loads of good wholesome Cape Malay dishes which I grew up with, such as my granny’s chicken curry, one pot bobotie, a lekker pot of creamy boeber (I can go on for days). Most importantly I have a sneaky feeling that this pot will hold the key for me to finally get my mom to let me in on how to make her AMAZING (and secret) lamb curry recipe. OMG! This lamb curry is the best, not too strong with the right amount of sweetness given off by the dried apricots, grated apple and dried prunes that soaks up all the flavour of the curry and is so delicious when you bite into one. It is the perfect Cape Malay curry. Come to think of it, it is probably the first dish I’d want my mom and I to cook in the pot…moms’ AMAZING lamb curry.

  22. Mickel

    I would make the biggest pot of oxtail strew slow cooked in guiness. Because every big pot needs to be broken in with a oxtail stew!!

  23. Ambelene

    Summer is almost here with its bountiful aray of fruits so Instead of me cooking jam over and over in my small pot I can cook one large batch of jam in this wonderful AMC pot and the best of all is the jam will cook evenly because of the wonderful heat convaying bottom.

  24. Talintha

    I would make a pot of strawberry jam because it is one of my favorite jams and then i will give my some of friends each a jar.

  25. Hazel

    I have been looking for a giant pot to cook my delicious whiskey fudge in – this would be ideal!

  26. Gillian Oberholzer

    A slow cooked shoulder of pork where it falls of the bone. I absolutely love pulled pork.

  27. Este van Aswegen

    Tamato soup my favourite!!! This pot will be perfect…Never had a pot big enough to make my own

  28. Abby Van Rooyen

    The first thing I would cook if I won this gorgeous AMC classic pot would be Butter chicken curry. I don’t have any pots that are that size, so when entertaining family I usually use two pots.

  29. Bridget Hannah

    Thanks for the giveaway! The timing for this competition is excellent! While I look forward to making lamb korma the most immediate thing I will use it for is to make kombucha. I have just picked up the hobbie of fermenting so need a huge pot to get my tea going for my SCOBY 🙂

  30. Carolyn Augustus

    I would definitely cook my popular oxtail stew, It’s a firm favourite in my household

  31. Esther Mowat

    I have recently started cooking jams, my first thought was marmalade, my current pot is just too small, but reading all the other responses a good oxtail stew is calling my name.

  32. wendy meijer

    This pot would be an awesome addition to my kitchen! I would make a huge chicken curry to feed homeless in my area.

  33. Roslyn Kinnear

    My first meal would definately be Thai Chicken and Prawn Curry! Subscribed and shared!

  34. Anisha Singh

    Soup is for the soul…

    My dad was the most selfless man whose smile would melt hearts. This humanitarian hsd this knack of turning food into magical masterpieces. ‘Always add a bit of love’, he would whisper as he stirred his cauldrons of delight. His favourite dish was haleem which he adds nourishes the mind, body and soul. A mixture of lentils, barley, oats, secret spices,ginger and garlic & chicken which cooks for dloely for a few hours. The result is a a heavenly soup served with crusty rolls. Ah those were the days. Alas my dad passed away when I was only 8 but he certainly planted the seed of culinary bliss within me. So yes, no guesses what I will make in this iconic AMC pot! I know as I sm stirring my pot, I will add so much love that even my dad would be so proud. That’s the magic of food…it heals & nourishes the mind, body and soul.

  35. Carol Bosch

    I would cook a mean mutton curry, enough for the whole family just like we like it☺

  36. Sandy Narainsingh

    I would cook a fabulous lamb stew for my book club meetings. I’d serve this with crusty sour dough bread. My book club is generally full house of ravenous book worms. So pot could easily cook for plenty!

  37. Nadine Syce

    2nd baby at 42!!!! A 10 year gap, where I fed 1st born prepackaged /bottled babyfood, will be a cooking up a storm of my own baby food (butternut & carrot, stewed apple and pear, marrows and squashies) to freeze for my boytjie and so the rest of the family doesnt feel neglected, definately split pea soup!

  38. Juanita Loubser

    But of course the Thai Winter Soup would be a winner in the AMC “Gigant” pot to serve all my besties and family for the cold winter days with the delicious flavours of Thai in this soulful soup.

  39. Lynn botha

    I would cook up Lamb shanks.. slow cooked in a red wine sauce.. Its a dish that i’ve perfected.. the family loves it.. and I can only imagine how awesome it will cook in one of these gorgeous AMC pots.. And I will score huge points with hubby 🙂 its his favourite dish

  40. Chantelle Krotz

    The very first dish I will cook is a lamb breyani, this pot is a dream come true, it will seal in all those good flavors. I’ve been using a very old set of AMC pots with no handles on which my mother in law gave me. She taught me how to cook the best curries and stews in her old set. She got her set as a wedding present from her mother in law. I would love to keep this tradition alive, upgrade our pots and of course add this to our collection 🙂

  41. Andrea Jacobs

    I would cook a family favourite! West coast rock lobster curry! We love indian cuisine and especially love seafood. Its also the only dish i can honestly say i have mastered. Its my husbands birthday on 22 September and our 2nd anniversary on heritage day so this will definitely be part of our celebrations ❤ thank you for an awesome blog xx

  42. Rechelle

    Lamb stew with herb dumplings…a favourite with the whole family-from my fussy preschooler to my handsome husband 🙂

  43. Natasha Palvie

    Oooh, I would a HUGE pot of my favourite, Butter Chicken, and invite friends over for a lekker night of good food and good company (and good wine of course 😉 )

  44. Varese

    I would really love to finally own an AMC classic pot, I have just been able to afford it.
    But I would cook a thick vegatable soup for the needy in our neighbourhood, the need is so great in society today, so I feel every little bit helps.

  45. Chantal

    What a lovely pot, I most definitely love to make chops chutney for my sure they will love it

  46. Poovendri Gurriah

    I would love to cook a pot of lamb breyani for the family.Pefect size pot to cook the perfect meal for my large family. The pot has stainless steel handles and can be used in oven without the lid. The pot is safe to use in oven. These features make cooking experience much easier. AMC Pot dream come true.

  47. Charlene Bhana

    Lamb biryani, exactly the way my mommy makes it – I never deviate from her recipe! 🙂
    My little person isn’t big on spicy food (yet), but she loves my biryani.
    I’d make the perfect lamb biryani in this beautiful Giant, and I think mommy would be super impressed.

  48. sudika harkhu

    Our team cooks for the needy one to two times a month, a large pot like this will really help to cook those large amounts of vegetable biryani or even dal

  49. Shaheeda loofer

    I would cook a pot of lamb breyani with loads of crispy onions and dhanya on top…my favourite

  50. Fatima Choonara

    Honestly if i won this pot…. i would use it to make an amazing pot ofsoup and hand it out to the less fortunate…

  51. Waseema

    I would attempt to make a roast leg of lamb in this pot. Seems like it could work. I’m very experimental in the kitchen but more with baking than food.

  52. Rabia Mitchell

    I would cook a nice mutton akhni and invite family over for a sunday lunch..
    This would be perfect!

  53. Michele

    I would make a proper Jewish chicken soup,I’ve always wanted to try making one.All that deliciousness and goodness in one big pot #delishdelosh

  54. Lauren

    I would make a lamb stew for my husband’s family, based on a recipe my mom used. They didn’t get to meet her before she passed away so would be nice to share one of her recipes with them.


    A great pot to make breyani or mutton curry for my single guy friends from Durban. Being in Johannesburg makes them crave home cooked food!

  56. Carmen

    I would make a huge pot of tomatoe bredie with lamb knuckles for my whole extended family. This is our family’s favourite comfort food. Brings us all together. Feel the love of family and food.


    The first thing I would cook in this pot would be my mum’s good old fashioned stew with dumplings. My mom is a single parent that raised my sister and I up and passed her love of cooking onto us. She used to put us in the kitchen while she cooks, these were the times we bonded most. We didn’t have money but we had priceless moments. My ABSOLUTE Favourite food from childhood had to be mum’s good old fashioned stew with dumplings made from cubed beef pieces, onions, potatoes, vegetables, beef stock, rosemary and some flavouring and seasoning. Back then we lived on a farm. There were no microwaves or TV dinners. Everything was made from scratch, cooked the old fashioned way which resulted in pure simple delicious food. For the coldest wintry evenings, I would tuck into mum’s rich beef stew with fluffy dumplings to warm me right down to my toes. My Mum’s HEARTY good old fashioned stew, I could’nt get enough of it! It warms my soul. It’s my go to comfort food and transports me back to time spent with her as a child. My mum would even make them for all our family gatherings. I would fill my plate and go back in seconds for the remainder of the meal. Without her I would have never known how awesome it feels to cook and eat yummy meals. I love cooking and the whole process of creating something wonderful and delicious. I love to share and enjoy making people feel special with something I have created just for them.
    I would love to win this AMC Cookware 24 cm Gourmet ”Gigant” pot .It would be an ideal & fabulous addition to my kitchen & certainly perfect for my every day use.

  58. Ronnae

    Pea soup s i have wanting to make it all winter but don’t have a pot that is big enough, this pot would definitely do the trick.

  59. Maggie le Roux

    First thing that comes to mind in this cold and rainy day we are having today is Bean Soup. If you can get the pot in your oven you can also make home made bread in it.

  60. Douglas Romanes

    Definitely a Tomatie Bredie! When the weather is like this a bit of comfort food is just the ticket to warm up the stomach and soul!

  61. Tania

    I do not have a “high” pot like this. Therefor the first recipe that came to mind was a delicious spaghetti bolognaise. For once I do not have to break up the spaghetti in smaller pieces – I can cook them in their total length. When the spaghetti is cooked I will also use the pot for the mince mixture. Adding everything together and topping it with cheese. YUMMY! Can just see my son slurping up those loooooong spaghetti pieces of this most favourite meal!

  62. Levona

    As part of the feeding scheme group at the school, I would definitely cook a big pot split peas soup

  63. Coralee Vice

    Now that spring is in the air and fruit is in abundance I will cook strawberry jam with all our home grown strawberries and be prepared for winter time when jam is very expensive

  64. Dawn Hull

    I would make a huge pot of nourishing bone broth, as a base for the soups and stews I would cook next!

  65. Nicola Meyer

    I would make our favourite Spicy Butternut soup that we enjoy having throughout the year. I make a large batch and freeze it in portions so we have it readily available when we feel like having some.

  66. Ashleigh Hein

    I would cook my mom’s famous pea soup as it reminds me of home and my mom, while I am away in Cape Town at university. Please help me to fight the homesickness!

  67. Maresa vdWalt

    Toss-up between breyani and mutton curry. Breyani because it is the dish my husband prefers on Eid. Mutton Curry because this pot is awesome for slowcooking and mutton curry should be given proper time!

  68. Wiedaad Paleker

    I would cook a 2 things a nice pot of veggie soup and sorgee a traditional Indian delicacy made from tastee wheat.

  69. Zimonita Swartz

    Choosing one dish is a tough one. I love cooking and only get to do it weekends or when I am not travelling for work. My mom cooked with AMC and my boyfriends mom too and they are always ranting about the health benefits and quick meals, less heat and how it would suit my busy lifestyle. We are hearty food people and I have no specific meal I would like to make instead I have so many going through my mind…soup, beefy stew, tomato stew, a leg of lamb (since I have seen my mom make it in AMC and I remember it always being so nice) biryani would probably be really good in there and a good curry perhaps…yum

  70. Cindy Robertson

    I am a great maker of soups so would make a veggie soup including carrots, turnips and leeks harvested from my own veggie garden. My current (much cheaper) pot of this size was dropped recently and now does not sit level on the stove top anymore.
    I have always wanted to attempt a homemade stock so that would be the very next thing I would make in the pot!

  71. Liana de Bruyn

    I would make soup as I would like to help the needy more and help with our church soup kitchen for street children.

  72. Delicia Wells

    Braai day is coming and it is my son’s 40th birthday and because I have invited all his friends over I will make the potjie in this AMC pot in the oven so he can enjoy the party with all his friends.

  73. Andrea Bester

    I would definately make a chicken curry in this pot. love my spicy foods and this pot would be perfect to be able to make enough and share. fingers and toes crossed this is definately needed in my home.

  74. Liesl

    I would definitely make a huge pot of mutton curry, yummy… I love curry I would eat it all day…. Love love this competition

  75. Khadija Fakir

    I would love to make a strong chicken soup with extra ginger and pepper to prepare my body for labour … Im 40 weeks tomorrow … and cant wait for my baby … making this soup will speed up my labour im hoping 🙂

  76. Krishenchund Ramsaran

    I would cook Samp and beans in this pot. It’s the best pot for good traditional south African dishes.

  77. Lynne

    This gorgeous gigant pot would be a great addition to my little junior AMC set which I purchased approximately 37 years ago. It would enable me to at last use only one pot to make our family’s famous lamb, pea and veg soup and have sufficient for our two adult daughters who always want a share to take to their homes to enjoy as well.☺

  78. Veronique

    I don’t cook big meals. I’m used to making food for just me and my mom. I’d give this pot my late gran’s sister, Aunty Aziza. She’s 77 years old and she’s disabled. Eventhough she has problems with her legs. She still makes great food. Whenever there’s a funeral, Aunty Aziza always makes the breyani or akni. Her big pots are worn out and its time for an upgrade. Winning this pot would be a great gift for her.

  79. Nasreen

    A lovely pot of lamb akni because my fiancemail loves my cooking . ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ‘ true story

  80. Jean de Groot

    Hmmm…tough decision, but think I would definitely make my Gran’s delicious lamb stew topped with homemade dumplings. Perfect recipe for such a great pot.

  81. Rubin van wyk

    Butter chicken… I will sell my soul for butter chicken because there is nothing on this earth better or tastier! It’s ongefantastieslooflik!

  82. Evadne

    I have recently started my own (VERY SMALL) cooking and catering business from home. Because it is still very new, there are quite a few things that I still need to buy. Winning (and cooking in) this 24cm Gigant from AMC Cookware would help me a lot.

    Personally, I love anything that I can eat with Basmati Rice. The first thing I would cook in this pot would be a Chicken Korma Curry topped with fresh coriander and roasted shaved almonds.

  83. Lynn Nolan

    This pot is ideal for cooking “Kool Kos” Cabbage bredie mmmm a firm Cape Town favorite!

  84. Peter

    Growing up, one of the favourite smells I can recall was that of my mother’s pea and ham soup cooking, especially if it was a miserable Cape Town winter’s day. The soup was cooked long and slow, no need to use a blender to get the smooth consistency.

    The first thing I would cook in the pot would be the pea and ham soup from my mother’s recipe.

  85. Elize Botha

    A Nice Beef stew. Yummyyy!!! My most favourite food of all time. And i would enjoy myself sooo much to cook with this STUNNING Pot! I would LOVE to have my very owm AMC Cookware 24 cm Gourmet ”Gigant” pot. Holding thumbs. xxxxx

  86. Di Burger

    My mother cooked with her heart and she always believed that no-one should ever go hungry. Like her, it is impossible for me to cook in small amounts. Food is love made edible and it is my pleasure to see my family and friends tuck in with relish. This gorgeous 25 Gigant from AMC Cookware calls for a winter warming lamb curry with basmati rice and a nice coriander and pineapple raita on the side. If I’ve made more than we need, the troupes will happily eat it tomorrow and the next day. Now there is a happy plan!

  87. Saneeya Adams

    I usually cook quite a large pot of food as my 5 kids and hubby have huge appetites and polish off everything in one go! With this bumper pot, I’d double up the usual quantities so there’d be some leftovers for those still scrounging around a few hours later. I’m always having to watch the budget so meat has to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. Our budget faves are chicken Akhni or sausage stew (a hash of sausage, potatoes and baked beans). This would be a WOW-win, so good luck to one and all.

  88. Rumbarani Naidoo

    The first thing I would cook will be a Thai Prawn Curry as my family are all seafood lovers and this they will enjoy to their hearts content

  89. Soraya

    A delicious hot pot of lamb stew with fresh carrots, peas, potatoes, butternut, cabbage and meat pieces. Served with crusty bread. Deelish.

  90. Melantheran Samuel Naidoo

    I will definitely cook our all time family favourite: Trotters and Sugar Beans Curry! A dish that never disappoints and the pot is always wiped clean!

  91. Sonja

    I will give my oxtail potjie recipe another go. I am sure it would be a success in my new AMC pot that is big enough for all the ingredients.


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