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It is my second time updating my blog and I have learnt so much already…CAPS means shouting and fellow bloggers are very friendly and thank you! I promise, I won’t be yelling at any of you again! ha ha!

Lets, lets get down to what I am better at…

Hubby and I had a busy two weeks moving house etc, so last night we decided to go for a well deserved naughty treat…

PANCHOS in Obz of course. After writing about chilli poppers yesterday, I could not get them out of my mind! We shared 2 litres of ice cold frozen margerita, a batch of crispy golden chilli poppers oozing with cheese when you cut them served with guacomole and sour cream. And for mains J had a Flauta – a huge folded tortilla with filling deep fried and topped with 3 cheeses, salsa and guaco. I had a plain Jane Quesadilla. I kid you not, we just had a bite of ours and could not fit another morsel in. So, no cooking for me tonight! woohoo! Panchos is honestly the best mexican restuarant in Cape Town – I cant speak for other cities. Although, there was a really authentic one in Wimbledon London, cant remember the name!

I love finding afforable value for money places to dine – with atmosphere. I am not a fan of pretentious fine dining…I appreciate it, but It’s not for me. My ultimate fave is going to food markets, I use to go to the Biscuit MIll, but now I find it over crowded and slightly commercialized(no offense to anyone, it’s just my own opinion), there’s a lovely one at Tokai Forest. I enjoy getting a freshly sqezed OJ with a Bacon roll and end off with a gooey brownie and organic coffee. When we’re in Sedgefield, WILD OATS market is a winner – gotto go early though! And friday night markets in Knysna, heaven. Slow food in Stellenbosch is also just a pleasant sensory overload!

I just love this movement of supporting the farmer/entrepreneur with no middle man. It creates a sense of community. It teaches and inspires people to eat better and ultimately live better.

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